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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Learning at MCS in Term 4

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This term sees the culmination of lots of exciting and challenging work done this year by our learners.

We continue to focus on Discovery, particularly discovery of wisdom. The older children will be working to investigate a bible book, character or story of their choice in some depth. They will have access to pastors and theologians to help them in their quests to read the stories and texts more deeply, and to understand the setting (time and place), character (people involved in the story) and plot (what happened, what the crises or conflicts were and how they were resolved).

This learning will be gained through individual study, skyping experts, interviewing others, reading Bibles, concordances, Bible map books and study books, and the culmination will be a visual presentation from each child which will educate us as adults and help us all to understand the wisdom of the Bible.  We are planning a Bible Fair (like  a Science Fair) in the last week of the term to share our learning with you. And our timeline will include these presentations so that we can all see where events fit into history.

We will also be discovering more about our local Maori communities and understand more of their tikanga so that we can better love and enjoy relationships with Maori now and into the future.

Our discoveries go further into the realms of Music, Drama and Art as we prepare for our end-of-year production which will focus on Exploring Around the World in Eighty Minutes. We're excited about this and will be keen to have as many of you as possible involved in the preparation in areas of your passion and strength.

Alongside all this, we are introducing 1:1 iPads throughout the school, which will reduce the need for the younger children to type in usernames and passwords and increase their usefulness for learning and presentation of what we have learnt.

Of course, we will be continuing to push for progress in all areas, in order to maintain the high standard of learning that we have seen, and to reach our target at the end of the year of over 80% At or Above National Standards in Reading, Writing and Mathematics.

It is going to be a full and fun term.

Thanks for sharing it with us!

Helen Pearson

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