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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

From The Principal Term 4 Week 8 2013

Dear Parents, Caregivers and Friends,

Well it was a great night on Friday as we enjoyed the production with most of you, "Oh the Places You Will Go".  Thanks so much for attending. The children had a great time, and I am so grateful to the staff and in particular to Louise Pryde, for a huge effort and lots of creativity! Please, if you took photos, put them up on our Facebook page so everyone can enjoy them. 

The staff are planning now for next year, and we would appreciate your time in the following ways if you have not already done so:

·         the survey about the school, found at this address

·         the survey about your child's learning found at this address

·         any thoughts you have to help us with our planning for next year - particularly in creativity, science and any suggestions for improvements in administration or communication. Feel free to use this survey to comment, or email me

Please make an effort to come to our Family Picnic and Bible Fair on Thursday 12th December where you can also receive your child's report.

Please also remember to send cake or biscuits on Thursday/Friday as a gift to our volunteers.

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