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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

School News

School Picnic and Important Parent Meeting:
Camp to be discussed
Date:  Today
Time:  5 - 7

Come along with a picnic and hear about Camp Details

Also present for you to meet will be teachers and board members to answer questions about specific areas of interest:

Loulou Perkins is available to do singing lessons with individuals or a small group. Talk to her if you are interested in your child having lessons. This will be an extra cost.

Chrissie Coop is available to teach the following musical instruments: Piano, flute, violin, guitar and ukulele.

Andrew Allen, our Board chairman, will be available to discuss the school annual plan with anyone who would like to ask questions or make comments while it is still in draft form

Jennifer Smith, the treasurer of the Proprietors will be available for parents to discuss payments of attendance dues or make arrangements with anyone who wishes to meet with her

Heather Free, from the Seasons programme for children experiencing loss and grief will be available to meet with parents who would like to find out more about this wonderfully creative and helpful Christian support programme which we will offer again if there is sufficient interest.

Stationery Payments
By now all stationery payments should have been received or arrangements for payment made with the school office.

Bank Account details
Any payments made to the school, eg stationery, uniform, camp should be made to: a/c no 123105 0014453 00

Attendance Dues are payable to the Mahurangi Baptist Charitable Trust a/c no.123105 0022322 00

Parent handbook online
We are currently having challenges with our website but the parent handbook will hopefully be online, this week in draft form on our website. It answers questions about uniform, transporting, our school rules and consequences, home-school communication and relationships, and information about digital devices within our school. Please let us know other questions you might have that we need to answer in the handbook and then we will finalise it for this year.

New students to the school have received a pack of documentation which includes cybersafety agreements, consent forms etc. Please return these signed to the school as soon as possible. It will make June’s life in the office so much more pleasant and the last thing we need is a grumpy June.

Wheels Day on Friday
Feel free to bring scooters, skates, bikes and skateboards. However, please also send helmets and understand that no helmet means no riding.

“Survivor” Camp” Reminder
Dates: 25th – 27th February
Venue: Marsden Bay Christian Camp
Costs: Child 1 night ($70) 2 nights ($110)
           Adult 1 night ($40) 2 nights ($80)
           Family Room (sleeps 4) ($62)
           Food if in family room ($20 per day)
           Children in family room activity fee ($10 per day)

We are looking forward to camp. We will have a pre-camp meeting to answer all your questions on Tuesday. We have an opportunity while we are small to build our sense of community as a school by inviting parents and families to join in. We are also wanting to gauge parent feeling and feedback about the participation of the junior class in camp either for a day trip or an overnight stay, and so value your attendance highly at this meeting.

Creative Play Space: Do You Have….?
We would like to allow the children to develop more creative play at morning play and lunchtime. If you have any of the following that you are happy to donate to the school, we would be keen to see what the children do with them!

Lots of Bamboo, Boards, Blocks, Wooden boxes, Old sheets or tablecloths, baling twine, Paving Stones, Hammocks, Picnic Blankets, Tents or Pergolas, Clean Logs

Yummy Stickers
Please continue to collect the stickers or barcodes for all yummy apples. Last year we received $237 worth of sportsgear as a reward for the stickers we collected.

If you need collection sheets please ask June in the office.

Upcoming Events:
25 – 27 February                        Camp
11 March                       Board of Trustees meeting

14 March                       Leadership Assembly

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