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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

From the Principal Week 7 Term 1 2014

Term 1 Week 7
18 March 2014

Dear Parents and Caregivers and Friends

A significant aspect of learning and growing up is to learn to be resilient and to develop good character.

We develop resilience and character through conflict and challenge IF those conflicts and challenges are not overwhelming us but rather provide us with opportunities to grow and mature in our responses to them.

Children are no different to adults in this regard. It is just that, as the caring adults in their lives, we can guide them through the feelings and situations and help them to think of alternative responses to the thoughts and feelings that overwhelm them.

We so appreciate those parents who are aware of their children’s issues and concerns because they talk with them, and who work with the school to help build resilience, character and love in their children.

As children work out who they are, they do so in relation to others. Please let us know if your child is having issues that burden them, or if things are happening ‘underground’ that teachers may not know about. How they feel about their learning and their environment is really important to us.

At MCS we are committed to providing a safe and happy and positive environment for your children, by helping our learners become safe and happy and positive and loving kids.

It is a process, as I know you are aware as parents. And it is a privilege to be in a community of families who work as a team in building and shaping our kids as individuals and as a wider school family.

Blessings on your week.
Helen Pearson

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Helen Pearson

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