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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

School News

Breaking News
Mrs Holdsworth’s father is terminally ill in South Africa. She will soon be away for three weeks. Her class will be taught by Mrs Bev Pons, an experienced teacher of this age group.

Library Revamp
Plans are in full swing for a school library 'revamp'. 

Many of you would be aware that the library has not been fully functioning for some time. It is a very valuable resource that we are eager to see back up and running.

The revamp will include a working bee within the next month - to repaint and possible book drive in the future to generate new and exciting books.


* If you have any spare white or cream paint that you are happy to donate or are interested in helping paint to the school please let Rachel Hewitt know by emailing: 

Interschool Netball
We have the privilege of hosting the Interschool Netball Competition to be held at Wellsford on Tuesday 20th May. We will be running the canteen as a fundraiser for the school. If you can bake or provide sandwich fillings e.g. cheese, ham, tomato, lettuce we would be grateful. All baking, fillings should be delivered to the staffroom by Monday afternoon or before school on Tuesday.

 Uniform Update
Unfortunately our uniform supplier has informed us that there is a further delay in supplying the order that we sent them in early February. We have been advised that our order should be here at the end of May. In particular there have been difficulties in supplying our skorts/shorts and polar fleeces.  There are valid reasons for the delays and our supplier is hopeful that we will not have a long wait like this again!

Please advise the school office if you need to order black trousers that can be worn with the uniform in the winter (terms 2 & 3). These trousers are $40 a pair and we will order them on an as needed basis (so they will not be held in stock).  The preference was for the trousers to be the same sand colour as the current skorts and shorts but we have not been able to source a supplier who can supply the sand colour in small quantities but our current supplier can provide the black trousers on an as required basis.

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Yummy Stickers
Each year Yummy apples run a promotion to provide sports gear for schools and the more stickers we collect the more sports gear we receive. Thank you those who have not stopped collecting since last year you have given this year’s collection a great start.

Please collect stickers and labels. Completed sheets can be handed in to the office and replacement sheets can be collected in the office.

Last year we received $237 worth of sports gear and this year we are aiming for a new record. So keep those stickers and labels rolling in folks.

Do you have a 4 year old?
If you have a child who will turn 5 this year or know of any other children who will be joining us at Mahurangi Christian School this year could you please collect and complete an enrolment form.  June will be delighted to supply you with the enrolment pack.

We are calling all parents to give a little bit of time to assist with the Netball Tournament which MCS can use as a fundraiser.

MCS have been given the opportunity to run the canteen for the tournament day so we need bakers, sandwich makers, drink dispensers, food sellers and pie warmers on the day.
If you can lend a couple of hours on this day then please leave your name with June at reception so we can organise a task force. 
 Thanks in advance, Isabelle.

Upcoming Events:
20 May                                    Interschool Netball Tournament
2 June                                     Queen’s Birthday
3 June                                     Interschool Ripper Rugby

17 June                                   Interschool Soccer

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