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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Week 10, Term 2

Dear Parents, Caregivers and Friends

I recently came across the draft of a book I was asked to critique a few years ago called  Families Living in the Fabric of Faithfulness, and I want to give you a few quotes to chew on:

"Christian parenting helps children learn to connect knowing with doing and belief with behaviour.....It doesn't matter what we teach our children if our actions and expectations demonstrate a vision to them that is muddled.

"If the teachings of Jesus Christ are to be taken seriously, then caring for others is what matters most. If we truly do love God with all our hearts and love our neighbours as ourselves, our entire lives will be directed towards justice.

"So how do we do this? Is it possible to make children care about the world?

"A central part of raising children in the fabric of faithfulness is helping them learn to develop the tendencies that are important for a committment.... A tendency is something one does without thinking. A tendency is a commitment that arises from a world view. The tendency is a response to that commitment, practiced over and over, until it becomes a part of oneself.

"Children learn tendencies by:
a) listening to and watching the people they admire;
b) having the reasons behind those words and actions explained to them;
c) imitating the language and actions of those people; and
d) being in an environment that nurtures the development of such language and actions."

I think the above, written by Gloria Stronks, is thought-provoking.

Let's allow the challenge of our children imitating us to make us consider our own words and actions. (There is nothing like family relationships to cause us to grow up ourselves.)
Let's explain the reasons to our children for what we say and do in terms of loving God and loving others.
Let's nurture loving language and actions in our children.

Have a great week.
Helen Pearson

School News                                                                                  
The view from school this cool morning!
Funeral for Ashley Port
Our thoughts and prayers are with June and Martin Port.  Martin's father, Ashley passed away at the weekend and his funeral will be held on Thursday 25th June.

This week’s Assembly will be lead by Room 1.  Bruce and Jenny Eirana, will be our guest speakers, sharing about their work with Wycliffe Bible Translators

Parent Teacher Interviews
Parent Teacher Interviews will be occurring next term on Wednesday 22nd July from 1.30 – 6.30pm.  A letter has gone home with information about booking times to see your child’s teacher.

Class Photos
Class photos will be occurring  on Thursday 2nd July.  Those students in hockey teams will also be photographed on the same day.  Snells Beach School hockey players will be joining us so that all team photos can be taken at the same time.  Envelopes have been sent home about photographic packages.  The envelopes need to be returned to school before Thursday 2nd July.

If your child is going to be away from school, could you please contact the office before 9am.  It is a Ministry of Education requirement to record why a child is away from school.  Please could you state the reason for the absence when you call.

If you are taking your child out of school for an appointment, could you please sign them in and out at the office.

Mrs Allen is looking for old newspapers to use in her classroom.  Please can you drop in any old newspapers into Room 1.

The hockey draw this week is:

MCS Rockets vs WW Tigers - 8.30am, Field 1
SB Snapdragons vs WW Sharks – 10.10am Field 1 /2
SB Strikers vs M Falcons – 9.20am Field 3 /4

Bus Rules
In the interest of student safety, the following rules will be strictly upheld:
1.             Children are to obey the driver at all times.
2.             Children will instantly obey requests of any senior
                student given monitoring responsibilities.
3.             Children, once seated, will remain seated for the duration of the journey, 
                arising only to leave the bus at their destination.  ‘Seated’ does not include                              kneeling.
4.             Children will not interfere with any other bus user.
5.             Children will not engage in any unsuitable activities.
                This includes playing with a ball or similar object, throwing items of paper or 
                clothing, or any interpersonal actions not permitted at school.
6.             Children will not throw anything from bus windows.
7.             Children will use their voices at an appropriate volume and will not shout across                      the bus.
8.             Children will not board or alight from a moving bus.
9.             When entering school grounds, children will remain seated until the bus has                            stopped.
10.          Children must not abuse the use of the driver alert system for indication of the                         next bus stop.
11.          Children will treat other passengers with consideration and respect.
12.          Children will not eat or drink on the bus

Community Notices                                                                                                  

Accommodation Needed
Wanted a 2-3 bedroom house in Snells Beach, Warkworth for 1 adult and 2 children.  Please phone Rachel on 021 038 6356

Harbour Hockey – Hooked on Hockey Holiday Programme
Harbour hockey will be running a hockey holiday programme on Monday 13th July and Tuesday 14th July from 9am – 3pm. Details can be found at

Kip McGrath
Kip McGrath Warkworth have English and maths tuition aligned to the NZ Curriculum. Programmes designed to suit individual learning styles for Year 1-12.  Phone Anne Cook on (09) 422 2305.  Website  Kip McGrath Warkworth

Te Whau Coastal Reserve planting
The Goodall - Te Whau Committee and Auckland Council’s Sustainable Catchments Programme invite you to come and help out with planting beside the walkway that runs through this reserve. This planting will enhance the walkway construction project starting this year. The walkway will improve access between Goodall Reserve and Dawson’s Landing, giving the community an opportunity to enjoy the sheltered coastal beauty of this part of the world

When: Saturday 4th July, 10am – 12pm
Rain date: Saturday 11th July
Refreshments to follow the planting.
Where: Meet at the bridge at the Cornel Circle entrance to the reserve.
What to bring: Bring a spade and gloves if you can.

Forensics at Kristin
Forensics@Kristin is a high quality, high energy, non residential  holiday camp experience for gifted students from all over New Zealand. A completely student-led programme, the camps involve tremendous fun and new friendships with like-minded students from a wide variety of places and backgrounds.

There are three divisions: Junior Forensics (Year 3-6), Middle School Forensics (Year 7-10), Senior Scholars (Year 11-13)
Registrations are now open so go to further details.


  1. Thanks Helen for the quotes, I enjoy reading your messages. Vey encouraging!

    1. Thanks Moana. I appreciate your encouragement!


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