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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Week 7, Term4

Dear Parents, Caregivers and Friends,

Today we prayed for our school around our brand new sign and spoke about our new name.

I would like to quote Rob Jensen, who spoke at our special Sunday service a couple of weeks ago.

"God our creator doesn't change. But he designed us to change and has put us in a world where just about everything is changing even schools change.”

"Horizon is the new name for our School - a very good name for a School.”

"The horizon is where the sky seems to touch the earth. May the School always be a place where people find heaven touching earth.”

"From our school, the horizon seems a long way away. The horizon reminds us there's a lot more to understand, learn & discover - it challenges us to discover what lies over the horizon because no matter how far we chase the horizon, it is always just a little further ahead! So, no matter how old you are - there's always something to learn. When you think you've arrived - you find the horizon has moved further.”

"There was a time when people thought that if a ship reached the horizon, it would fall over the edge they didn't know the earth was round like a ball - they thought it was flat, like a plate. They thought the horizon was the edge of the earth - and ships fell off if they went over the horizon. They made that mistake because they limited themselves to what they could see & understand. People who say there is no God because they can't see him, make the same mistake - they are like people who thought the earth was flat - believing only what they see.”

"God has built sign posts into his universe, which sailors can read if they have the right tools - the north pole, the sun, moon & stars.  In the open ocean where everything is constantly changing, God put a few things that don't change. These all stay in the same place, and guide sailors who have the right equipment to read them.”

"Our lives are like the ocean - constantly changing.  God made us that way so we have plenty of choices. But God has given us all a very special instrument which, when we learn to use it helps us as we sail into the wide oceans of life - to guide us safely all the way.”

"The Bible is our compass & sextant, our GPS - it is the best tool for helping us find the way and keep us safe. It does that by helping us focus on God above. Psalm 119:67 (MsgB) "Before I learned to answer you, I wandered all over the place, but now I’m in step with your word. We humans don't know everything; we need guidance to make right choices in unknown seas - wise people keep taking bearings from our Creator above.”

Reading the Bible, learning its words, following its advice opens up wide horizons - we don't need to worry about falling off the edge.  Constant use of God's GPS will keep us safe and on course to the best places..."

Thank you Rob, for your wisdom and inspiration in sharing with us so beautifully in relation to our new name.

Have a good week, everyone. We will see you at Snoops!

Helen Pearson

School News                                                                            

Snoops Half Day
The children will be up late on Thursday 26th November with their evening performance of the Snoops Production.   As a result it has been decided that rather than starting late on the Friday, the children will be allowed to go home at 1.30pm on Friday 27th November (after the afternoon roll has been taken).

$4 School Lunch this Friday
Lunch order forms will be sent home again this week.  The lunch this Friday will be Fish and Chips with jelly and fruit.   

We would love any donations of booster seats you no longer need.  We are wanting to have some spare booster seats at school for using on trips.

We would also love any donations of any old ipads which are no longer being used at home.

Praying for the school
Every Monday morning from 8.45 – 9.15 we have prayer time for the school. All parents, caregivers and friends of the school are welcome to attend.

Community Notices                                                                  

Voices of Pain and Voice of Hope
Alexis Waterhouse has also recently published a book called Voices of Pain and the Voice of Hope. It is a visual, textural and emotional journey through pain to hope. It is designed to expose the lies (or patterns of negative thinking) that entrap people suffering through emotional pain or mental health issues.
It uses poetry, art, photography and reflection to encourage the reader to continue on their journey of healing; and to seek help and community.
The book also teaches mindfulness and grounding techniques which allow the reader to pause, breathe and reflect in the moment – regardless of whether the situation is positive or challenging.
Book retails at $25.95. All profits go to A Girl Called Hope (Residential Home).

Home Builder Courses this term

Festive Feasts
Ways to feed the family at your home this Christmas with interesting and delicious ideas. This course is designed with consideration to financial pressures of this time of year and budget restraints.
Friday 4th of December 9.30 - 12-30 Homebuilders Family Services

As usual child minding is available at no cost. Please enrol by phone or return email with your phone contact and child care needs. 0276226809 Brian

Kip McGrath
Kip McGrath Warkworth - English and maths tuition aligned to the NZ curriculum. Programmes designed to suit individual learning styles for Years 1- 12.
Phone Ann Cook on 422 2305 for a free assessment.

Emmanuel Family Camp
Emmanuel Family Camp is being run on the 19 – 21st February 2016 for families with children who have a disability.  For more information contact (09) 636 4763 or email

Further information about Elevate Christian Disability Trust can be found on their web site


  1. Love love love the new logo and sign :) Katie Gatt

    1. Thanks Katie. Jono and David Townsend and I worked with Brent Walsh on the logo. It was quite a process so I'm glad you like it so much! 😀


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