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Monday, 21 October 2013

Purchase Christian books cheaply

The following outlines an opportunity for well priced gifts for children that also helps with fundraising for our school. 
Welcome to the Manna Ignite Book Club!
The Manna Ignite Book Club is for children aged 5-12 years old and features a wide range of great books and resources that kids will love. We have covered biographies, values-based literature, fiction, devotionals, bibles, DVDs, bible stories and The Classics. So often young minds are bombarded with issues and images that work against their growth and faith, yet we believe there is such a breadth of opportunity found in the products that we sell that can impact, challenge and resource young minds to lead them into becoming Christ followers.
Log onto an Ignite Book Club wesite created for your school to make your order and payment. This simple procedure is explained in the Ignite Book Club brochure. For those unable to pay online a copy of the order form is printable from or available from your school office and is sent to us directly.
ignite Book Club orders need to be made by Monday 4th November and we will dispatch the orders made by yourschool to your school address during the week ending Friday 20th November.
The more products you purchase, the more your school benefits! We will give between 10-25% of the sales that you make back to your school.
We hope you enjoy reading through the brochure and enjoying some of the great resource available.
Many blessings,
The Manna Ignite ream

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