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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

From The Principal Week 11 Term 1 2014

Dear Parents, Caregivers and Friends,

We are rapidly coming to an end of a terrific term.

It is exciting to see the children continuing to buzz about their learning, and to see the maturity with which our senior class made their presentations to the Auckland Council and Snells Beach Residents and Ratepayers Association.

Please see this excellent link about the importance of praising our children well:
A great quote from within that supports our Christian understanding of human nature:
Dweck believes families should sit around the dinner table discussing the day’s struggles and new strategies for attacking the problem. In life no one can be perfect, and learning to view little failures as learning experiences, or opportunities to grow could be the most valuable lesson of all.

Two important things to note this week:

1. Parent Meeting on Wednesday: Soup, Science and ICT
You are your child’s most significant educator. Therefore, we need you to see yourself as a part of our team, as we are of yours, in the education of your child. It is important that your child knows you are interested in his or her learning.

It is really important for you and your child to attend on Wednesday so that together we can have a common understanding.  Please come any time from 5  to be served a delicious dinner by your children.

Room One children will not be expected to stay until 7.30,  as bedtime is important.

5.00 - 6.00ish: Dinner prepared by your children
6.00ish - 7.30: Hands-on workshops as below

1. How to engage with your child's learning through technology. This is important - you need to be here so we can step you through a few processes and you are not left behind!
2. How we are developing wonder, awe and scientific dispositions and understandings at school, and how you can come along for the ride. Again, this new approach will put a skip in your step as a parent.

2. Celebration Assembly on Thursday
At our assembly, we will hear some of the great stories that have been written this term, see some artwork, and see and hear the presentation about our playground research.

We will also be presenting certificates to honour progress and achievement in the following areas:
Our School Values: Loving Others, Loving God’s World, Loving Learning
Reading Eggs
Basic Facts

Have a good week.

Helen Pearson

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