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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

From the Principal Week 9 Term 2

Dear Parents, Caregivers and Friends,

NEWSFLASH!  Mahurangi Christian School investigates offering secondary education!

With the encouragement of parents, the Board has decided to investigate offering secondary education through our school.  The application to the Ministry of Education may be for Yrs 9-10 or Yrs 9-13. This is yet to be determined.

So why might we consider secondary education? Because decisions at this stage in your child’s life are important, and options allow choice!

We know that preteens and young teens need strong relationships, opportunities to discover their identity and to feel competent and secure, to reflect on their experiences, and to participate meaningfully in their world.

We provide education with the lowest teacher:learner ratio around, and:
  • A secure environment in which learners can be themselves as they are discovering their identity
  • A culture of trust, respect and care with strong relationships between adults and teens
  • A commitment to developing character and strength in learners to cope with challenges and change through a strong focus on self-management
  • A learning environment that encourages both collaborative and individual learning experiences
  • An expectation of engaged and self-motivated learners
  • An expectation that learners will make choices and take initiative
  • An opportunity to develop a relationship with God in the course of everyday life at school
  • A digital learning environment so that we prepare our learners for their futures rather than our pasts. We are leaders in e-learning nationally, with 1:1 devices in the senior class now, and throughout our school in Term 4.
  • Comfortable classroom environments that include couches and bean bags
  • Above average results in National Standards

If our application is successful we also could offer:
  • A few more years to enjoy a supportive environment in which learners can develop leadership skills
  • A more personalised learning approach than is possible in many large schools
  • Real life learning opportunities and authentic assessments
  • Academic rigour at secondary level
  • Future-focused learning opportunities designed with the learner and his/her family

At Mahurangi Christian School, we are passionate about learning and passionate about preparing our learners for THEIR futures rather than our pasts!

A steering committee has been identified by the B.O.T to plan the consultancy process. Please let me know if you are interested in helping organise various events and consultancy opportunities.
Onward and upward!

Helen Pearson 

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