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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Newsletter Week 1 Term 3 2014

From The Principal

Dear Parents, Caregivers and Friends,

It is great to see everyone back at school enjoying some fine weather outside, and playing happily.

“What we believe about the world affects how we live in the world.”    John Garber

First, a little story:

“A visitor to an Australian outback cattle ranch was intrigued by the seemingly endless miles of farming country with no sign of any fences. He asked a local rancher how he kept track of his cattle. The rancher replied, ‘Oh that’s no problem. Out here we dig wells instead of building fences.’

“The implication is obvious. There is no need to fence cattle in when they are highly motivated to stay within range of their source of life.”

As teachers in a Christian school we want to work from a basis of desire rather than control. We want our children to Love God, to Love Themselves, to Love Others, to Love Learning and to Love God’s world.

Love/desire is not something that is controllable. But certain environments provide an opportunity for children to want to learn and to want to love God and others.

Our teachers are seeking to provide an environment in which our learners respond with wonder, awe, curiosity and a desire to find out more.

This term the children will be doing lots of different science and biblical investigations, and we hope the natural response of “Wow” will engage them in both loving learning and loving God.

“What we believe about the world affects how we live in the world.” With a belief that God is real and wonderful and loving, and that the world is an awesome expression of God’s creativity and order and power, responses of “wow” and worship can go a long way to building a more whole and rounded child.

So, if you get the opportunity, stop with your children for a few seconds and go ‘wow’ at beauty and design and goodness wherever you see it this term.

It’s good for the soul, and good for your child!

Helen Pearson

Emergency Clothing - can you help?
At this time of year our emergency clothing gets stretched to its limits. The cold weather seems to make the odd toilet accident more frequent and of course the mud and rain don’t help.
If you have extra/2nd hand underwear or clothing particularly shorts or trousers that would fit the children at our school we would love to take it off your hands to use for those children who need a change of clothing.

If your child is likely to have a toilet accident or is of the likely to slip in the mud variety it would be great if you could put a change of clothes in their bag over this term.


Onboard Skate
Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate and we had to cancel our session with Onboard Skate at the end of last term. However, Onboard Skate will provide skateboards and instruction for the last Wheels Day of this term (Friday 26th September).

All those who have already paid their $2 will have the money carried over to the later date.

Zoo Trip
The weather is so cold and the long range weather forecast suggests it will be rainy next Wednesday when we were planning on our trip to the zoo. So the decision has been made to further postpone the trip. We will let you know the new date as soon as we can

School Lunches
Lunches will commence again soon watch this space!

Car Park
Please use the gravel car park between 8.30-9.30 am and 2.40-3.30 pm in order to ensure safety of children. Your children can be collected from the blue deck.

The concrete car park will be used only by teachers and visitors.

Ripper Rugby
The second of three Ripper Rugby Competition Days takes place this Thursday 24th July for Years 3-6 at Silverdale Rugby Clubrooms.

If this event applies to your child please make sure you complete the online form or send the completed paper form back to school asap.

Parent Group Meeting
Our next Parent Group Meeting is at 3.00 on August the staffroom. We would love you to join us.

It’s your time to benefit from our garden. Please help yourself to some fresh vegetables. We have an abundance of spinach that is ready for harvesting.

Yummy Apples
Thank you all for your diligent collection of Yummy Stickers. In the past we have received a good amount of sports gear for our school by collecting these stickers. If you need replacement collection sheets please ask June in the office.

The Seasons Programme at School
Seasons is a peer support programme for children who are missing someone important from their daily life. The loss may be due to the separation of their parents, the death of someone close to them, or other family change.

The groups are small, usually 3 or 4 children of similar age, with 2 trained adults who use a range of activities, stories, artwork and games to encourage the exploration and sharing of experiences. Topics introduced include feelings, telling our stories, memories, change, strengths and resources. Each programme ends with a Celebration.
Asked what they would tell other children about “Seasons”…  “I liked telling what happened in my life” – 9 year old boy. “It’s very cool - you learn a lot and it helps you with your problems” – 9 year old girl. “I would tell them join the group!” – 11 year old boy.
 Seasons Groups will be running at school again this term. For more information or to enrol your child contact.  Helen Pearson at School or Seasons Co-ordinator, Heather Free ph 021 0813 3586 email

Upcoming Events:      
24 July                          Ripper Rugby Yrs 3-6
5 Aug                            Parent Group Meeting
19 Aug                          Board of Trustees Meeting

Community Notices

Free Concert
The North Shore Youth Choir and Orchestra will be performing at 3pm next Sunday 27th July in the Anglican Church, Percy Street Warkworth. 
All are welcome!

Children’s Flower Arranging Competition
Spring Flower Show 6th September 2014
5 years and under Sandposies
6-8 year olds make a design of flower petals on a small vaselined plate (17cm)
9-12 year olds make a picture using flower petals on a larger vaselined plate (23cm)
If plates or sand are required phone Ann – 425 5717

Write the child’s name underneath the plate. Bring the entries to Mahurangi Community Centre, Snells Beach on Friday 5th September between 3 and 4pm or at 9am on 6th September. Entries should be picked up 3-3.45pm 6th September.

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