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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

From the Principal Week Six Term Two 2014

Dear Parents, Caregivers and Friends,

This week one of our staff was encouraged by an email sent to her from a student in her class.

“You really helped me after you told that story in assembly. I realised what happened in the past we can’t change but we can forget and forgive and start again and never give up. So thank you. When I struggle with stuff things come to my head and I get angry. So my new goal is to have a good attitude to my work and hear what others have to say and NEVER GIVE UP.”

At MCS we are really interested in the development of the whole child. How a child is feeling about himself or about her life and learning is important as it affects their learning. We want to help our learners to grow through the various challenges they face, and to realise that God is with them.
We welcome two counselling students, Raj and Salih from LifeWay College to our school this term. They have been introduced to us by an MCS parent, Lexi Waterhouse, who is on the LifeWay staff, and are being professionally supervised by another staff member who is a parent in our school, Annette Pahl.

This is a great opportunity for our learners, and any parents who wish to have support, to have assistance in processing issues that arise.

Raj and Salih will be working with individuals and small groups of learners to help them discuss friendships, conflict, loneliness, worries, stresses etc.

Please find attached a form to complete if you are happy to give permission for your child to meet with Raj and Salih.

It would be easiest for us if all our learners had permission to meet them, so that we can run small discussion groups with groups of learners as part of our programme. However, we respect your preference. Please indicate on the form.

This is a great opportunity for us to continue to provide support for our learners.

Thanks so much.

Helen Pearson

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