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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

School News

School Reports
The Ministry of Education now requires all schools to report six monthly in the first three years of school, from the date they started school rather than mid year and end of year.
This means that some children in Years 0-3 will not receive a report at Mid year but will receive their written report in the months following.

Anyone who wishes to meet the teachers to discuss their child’s reports early next term is encouraged to make an appointment. Please note that if your child is teetering on the brink of being At National Standards, we will mark them as Below in the mid-year reports in order to focus the children on putting that extra effort in to make the standard of their achievement higher by the next report.

What is happening in the classrooms?
We are excited by the progress the children are making and the increasing sense of ownership our learners have with their goals and achievements, their tasks and their progress.
However, we are aware that, as parents, you may not be able to picture how this looks in the classroom.

Therefore, we will be holding an Open Day for Parents on Tuesday 1st July so that you can hear and see with your own ears and eyes how they learn.

Find out answers to questions like:
  • How does my child learn at his own level when there is a range of ages in the class?
  • What amount of time are the children on iPads and what amount of time are they using other media like paper and pencil?
  • What does ‘student agency’ or ‘student-led learning’ look like?
  • How are children grouped for Reading, Writing and Maths?
  • How do children and teachers know what their next learning goals and steps are?
  • What is the difference between a teacher-led-from-the-front classroom and learning at MCS?
  • How much do children know about their own learning and progress and why is this important?
  • Exactly how are the Year 7-8 children being extended in preparation for college?
  • What degree of direction is given by teachers and what by learners?

Vegetable Garden - Free Spinach for you!!
Please help yourself to spinach and other veges from our garden. We don’t want it to go to waste, so help us out!

Yummy Apples
Thank you all for your diligent collection of Yummy Stickers. In the past we have received a good amount of sports gear for our school by collecting these stickers. If you need replacement collection sheets please ask June in the office.

Friday School Assemblies
It has been brought to our attention that some new parents may not be aware of our weekly school assembly held every Friday morning at 9:10am in the Church auditorium.

Assemblies are followed by a special morning tea for parents and visitors.  All are welcome to come along.

Board of Trustees Meeting
Our next BOT meeting is tonight, 17 June, 7pm in the staffroom not 24 June as previously advised.  All parents are welcome to attend.

From MCS Parent Group - Friday Lunches!
Friday Lunches are back!
MCS Parent Group will provide a selection of Pies (Butter Chicken, Mince and Cheese, Apple), Pizzas, Sausage Rolls and Moosies (Chocolate, Strawberry and Lime)
Order forms will be sent home today. Please return order forms and payment in a sealed envelope to your child's teacher before School Assembly on Friday.

Find out what’s going on in Room 3 by clicking on this link
Find out what’s going on in Room 2 by clicking on this link
Find out what’s going on in Room 1 by clicking on this link

Upcoming Events:
17 June             BOT Meeting
23 June             Trip to Snells Beach Kindergarten           
1 July                Open Day for Parents

4 July                Celebration Assembly, End of term

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