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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Newsletter Week 4 Term 3 2014

Dear Parents, Caregivers and Friends,

“Education must aim at producing alterations in what students tend (are disposed or inclined) to do. It must aim at tendency learning. Christianity must touch all areas of a person’s life; thinking, feeling and doing.”

The challenge of any community - family, church, school - is to be an environment in which relationships of trust and safety allow us to all grow together and change our tendencies.

It is really helpful to encourage our children and ourselves to become aware of the thoughts and feelings that come to mind and heart, and to recognise that they are not us. We are more than our thoughts and feelings. They come to us, but we have choice about what we do with them.

Temptations and reactions come, but it is good to teach children to notice them, and then to choose what response we will have. Asking God to help us in this is great.

It is through this process that that our faith can touch all areas of our lives, and our tendencies can change. We can become less disposed to egocentric defensiveness and more disposed to loving.

I am delighted to see the growing maturity of many of our learners and so respect and appreciate our teachers. They are concerned with developing the children as whole people, and not just their academic learning.

Have a great week.

Helen Pearson

Change of Day for Parent Group Meeting
Parent Group Meetings will now be held at 3.00pm on the first Wednesday of the month rather than the first Tuesday. We hope this will allow more parents to attend.

Friday Assembly
Room 2 will host assembly this week. Please come if your child is in Room 2. Certificates will also be given for Mahurangi Christian School Crosscountry.

Assemblies are at 9.10 every Friday unless notified. We love to have parents and friends of the school join us for assembly and stay for a chat and morning tea afterwards.

Friday Lunches are back!
MCS Parent Group will provide a selection of Pies (Butter Chicken, Mince and Cheese, Apple), Pizzas, Sausage Rolls and Moosies (Chocolate, Strawberry and Lime)
Order forms will be sent home today. Please return order forms and payment in a sealed envelope to your child's teacher before School Assembly on Friday.

Disaster Plaster
We have a great fundraising drive that starts this Friday 15 Aug.  Each family will receive their Disaster Plaster pack to start selling this weekend. This fundraising is only for two weeks so get selling fast.  Use coffee groups, grandparents, door to door knocking, sports groups, and church groups to sell to.

Each box is $5.00 for 50 plasters with $2.00 coming to the school. A newsletter was sent home last Friday as an introduction so if you didn’t receive this then please ask your child about it.

If you would like to know more we have Aimee from Disaster Plaster coming to assembly this Friday to talk to everyone so make sure you are at assembly this week.

Mahurangi College Junior Show
Years 4 – 8 will be attending the Mahu College Junior Show “Old Fashioned Melodrama”.
Where: Mahurangi College
When: Tuesday 26 August @ 12.00
Cost: $4 per child
We will need help with transport so please let us know if you can assist, we will leave at 11.30 and return during the afternoon before the bus leaves.

Please return the slip from last week’s newsletter or this online form if this applies to your child.

Fantastic Fridays
Thank you all those who have offered to take a group for our Fantastic Fridays. We do still need volunteers for teaching small groups. Please complete this online form if you can help and let us know if you know others in the community who are prepared to help. Thank you.

Car Park
Please use the gravel car park between 8.30-9.30 am and 2.40-3.30 pm in order to ensure safety of children. Your children can be collected from the covered area by the gravel carpark.
The concrete car park will be used only by teachers and visitors.

It’s your time to benefit from our garden. Please help yourself to some fresh vegetables. We have an abundance of spinach that is ready for harvesting.

Upcoming Events:      
19 Aug                          Board of Trustees Meeting
                                    Interschool Crosscountry
22 Aug                          The First of Fantastic Fridays
26 Aug                          Mahurangi College Junior Production
9 Sept                           Relationship Evening (Yr 7)
10 Sept                         Relationship Evening (Yr 8)
16 Sept                         Relationship Evening (Yr 7)
26 Sept                         End of Term Three
13 Oct                           Beginning of Term Four

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