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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Newsletter Week 5 Term 3 2014

Dear Parents, Caregivers and Friends,

Thank you to those parents who have encouraged their children to get out and sell Disaster Plasters in the weekend for our fundraising.

This year our Board has allocated a significant amount of our operations grant to:
-reduce class sizes
-reduce the spread of ages within a single class
-provide 1:1 support for learners struggling with Reading etc

With current numbers, the Ministry pay us for 2.5 teachers, plus the principal (imagine the age spread and class sizes with that!!!) The Board is paying for almost a whole extra teacher more than we would have as an equivalent sized state school.

This means:
-your children get a significantly better deal in terms of teacher:pupil ratio than most schools
-our school, and therefore your child, gets a bigger range of teacher strengths working for the benefit of everyone

It also means that we need funds to be raised to provide for sports equipment, extra tables for our growing roll, and the shifting of the sandpit to the sunny and safe front of the classrooms.

This morning we received money from a family who has sold a bag and a family who has sold three bags. Others have sold bags and the money is at home. When the money arrives at school for a bag, your child will gets a Congratulations bracelet. This allows them to go in the draw for amazing prizes including a top brand skateboard, and $75 and $50 vouchers from The Warehouse.

You have 2 weeks to sell as much as possible. Please ask friends and family members to sell on our behalf, and make the most of this opportunity to help your child develop:
-oral language skills
-a sense of achievement
-an ability to contribute as part of a team

We look forward to celebrating a good injection into our budget!

Thanks so much.
Helen Pearson

Board of Trustees Meeting
Our Board of Trustees Meeting takes place tonight at 7.00 in the staffroom. You are welcome to join us if you would like to.

Friday Assembly
Room 3 will host assembly this week. Please come if your child is in Room 3.

Assemblies are at 9.10 every Friday unless notified. We love to have parents and friends of the school join us for assembly and stay for a chat and morning tea afterwards.

Yummy Apple Stickers
Thank you our great team of sticker collectors.

We collect the stickers or labels off the bags from Yummy Apples each year. At the end of Term Three these sticker collections are sent to the company and we receive sports gear as a reward.

Last year we received $237 worth of sportsgear and this year we are hoping for more as some collectors have wisely continued to collect year round.
If you have been collecting stickers for us please hand the sheets, whether full or partial, into the office by Friday 19th September so we can send them off by the end of the term. If you need sticker collection sheets please ask at the office

Friday Lunches are back!
MCS Parent Group will provide a selection of Pies (Butter Chicken, Mince and Cheese, Apple), Pizzas, Sausage Rolls and Moosies (Chocolate, Strawberry and Lime).

Order forms will be sent home today. Please return order forms and payment in a sealed envelope to your child's teacher before School Assembly on Friday.

Do you have a spare toaster that is cluttering up your kitchen?  We would love to take it off your hands as the one in the staffroom has passed its use by date. Thanks.

Mahurangi College Junior Show
Years 4 – 8 will be attending the Mahu College Junior Show “Old Fashioned Melodrama”.
Where: Mahurangi College
When: Tuesday 26 August @ 12.00
Cost: $4 per child
We will need help with transport so please let us know if you can assist, we will leave at 11.30 and return during the afternoon before the bus leaves.

Please return the slip from last week’s newsletter or this online form if this applies to your child.

Fantastic Fridays
Thank you all those who have offered to take a group for our Fantastic Fridays. We do still need volunteers for teaching small groups. Please complete this online form if you can help and let us know if you know others in the community who are prepared to help. Thank you.

It’s your time to benefit from our garden. Please help yourself to some fresh vegetables. We have an abundance of spinach that is ready for harvesting.

Car Park
Please use the gravel car park between 8.30-9.30 am and 2.40-3.30 pm in order to ensure safety of children. Your children can be collected from the covered area by the gravel carpark.
The concrete car park will be used only by teachers and visitors.

Upcoming Events:      
19 Aug                          Board of Trustees Meeting
                                    Interschool Crosscountry
22 Aug                          The First of Fantastic Fridays
26 Aug                          Mahurangi College Junior Production
9 Sept                           Relationship Evening (Yr 7)
10 Sept                         Relationship Evening (Yr 8)
16 Sept                         Relationship Evening (Yr 7)
26 Sept                         End of Term Three
13 Oct                           Beginning of Term Four

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