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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Week 6, Term 2

Dear Parents, Caregivers and Friends

I recently read an article in Scripture Union’s magazine in which Hilary Hague, the author, quotes research that suggests that 50% of our children and young people will leave churches within the next 15 years and laments that 'we have tried a lot of different methods in an effort to retain our young people... they are surface strategies and they do not do the deep work of growing our children and young people spiritually.'

And a couple of weeks ago and article from the NZ Herald Why Churches shouldn't waste energy being up to date. Based on statistics from the recent census, here are some of the main ideas:

  1. the percentage of Christians in NZ has decreased by 6% since the last census and is now less than 50% of the population.
  2. "Western Christianity has been trying to update itself in one way or another since the 19th century ... the problem is that this strategy doesn't seem to have worked in the global west." 
  3. the New Zealand-born have very high levels of non-religion and indeed disaffiliation from religion 

At MCS we seek to work with you as parents to provide an environment in which children want to connect with God. It has been heartening to see children this year become enthusiastic about prayer and thankful to God for a range of ways God has answered their prayer.

The busyness of family life makes it challenging to remember to build our children’s faith, and sometimes it is easier to make the most of moments:

· to stop and thank God together for things beautiful or happy or good as they happen

· to make the most of celebrations and include a thank you prayer

· to stop and think in the middle of a problem and to pray together for help

· to use simple routines as triggers for prayer (perhaps just before you leave for school, as you get to a certain tree in your street, just before bedtime)

· to read and tell the stories of the Bible and what people in the past have learnt about God and themselves

It is through many such genuine moments that a foundation is built, and it is our commitment and prayer that your children have happy memories of learning about and connecting with God while at school.

Together is better.

Hope you have a wonderful week.

Helen Pearson


Thanks to Isabelle Franks, David Townsend, Bev Adolph and Alexis Waterhouse for joining us for the Science Roadshow. We had a fantastic day.

Notes from our internal assembly this morning

  1. No Wheels Day at school until further notice - the number of children riding in this weather makes it an increased risk.
  2. No lunchtime hockey until further notice - younger children have begun playing without knowing the rules properly and last week there were a couple of hockey sticks causing injury. After a couple of weeks we will have had some hockey lessons with the juniors and given children clarity about when and where various age groups can play, and, subject to the provision of shin pads and mouthguards by parents for use at lunchtime by players, children will be allowed to resume playing.
  3. Take home Lunch Rubbish - we are asking children to put their lunchtime rubbish in their lunchboxes to return home. This reduces the likelihood of rubbish being blown from bins and flying around the school.
  4. What to do if someone is being unkind - say no, walk away, tell the teacher on duty. We want a safe and happy place at school.

Friday Assembly
Steve Hathaway will join us on Friday to inspire us with an appreciation of the underwater world, and talk about how God has called him to promote care of this part of the world. His books will be sold for $29.95, DVD's $25 and together as a package, $49.95. Come along and hear Steve and support his work.

Parent Discussion Group: Sibling Rivalry:
Wednesday 7-8pm
Lynn Williams and I will be happy to meet with parents who would like to discuss ways of dealing with Sibling Rivalry in our families. Come along to the staffroom to share and glean ideas.

A number of children were without sweatshirts today at school. We have checked that all sweatshirts are named and handed out those from Lost Property. To our knowledge there are no more at school, so please check at home in order to send your child to school warm.

Parent Group Meeting
The next Parent Group Meeting will be on Wednesday 3rd June from 3pm – 4pm in the school office. All welcome.

Celebration Assembly and Working Bee: Last Day of Term
Please make this a priority on your calendars.
Assembly Time: 9.10 - 10.15
We will celebrate great progress in learning with certificates, enjoy fruits of learning from during the term and have morning tea together.
Morning Tea
Working Bee - all possible hands on deck please
We have many jobs we would like to do including:

Sewer of a few cushions
We have some fabric and some old cushions. We would love to improve the appearance of our library and classrooms. If you are happy to sew a few cushions, we would love to hear from you

Vege Garden
We are wanting to start the school vegetable garden again and are looking for clear plastic roofing that can be used over the gardens to protect the plants.  If you have any that is no longer required then please contact the school office.  Thanks to Mitre 10 for donating seedlings, our garden will be replanted this week.

There are no hockey games this Saturday because it is Queens Birthday Weekend.

Parent Group
We have a great family fun filled night coming up at the end of June.
  •         $20 team entry
  •         3-6 in a team
  •         Prizes to be won

Get your team thinking cap onRegistration will open next week.  This will be a fun children and adults night with healthy family and friend competition guaranteed along with a load of laughs.

The Parent group are also wanting to collect the following items:
  •          1.5litre Bottles
  •         Cans with tabs still attached
  •          Breakfast Cereal boxes

 Could you please drop them to the school office.

Prayer for our school
If you are interested in praying for our school, you are welcome to come along to a prayer meeting being held each Tuesday morning, during term time.  The meeting is from 8.50am - 9.20am in the crèche room, in the chapel.   Any queries please contact Louisa Kimber through the school office.


Fish and Dive
The Fish and Dive Shop in Snells Beach is currently running a colouring competition.  A colouring sheet will be sent home with each child this week.  Completed pictures need to be sent back to Fish and Dive by Friday 12 June 2015.

Forensics at Kristin
 Forensics@Kristin is a high quality, high energy, non residential  holiday camp experience for gifted students from all over New Zealand. A completely student-led programme, the camps involve tremendous fun and new friendships with like-minded students from a wide variety of places and backgrounds.

There are three divisions: Junior Forensics (Year 3-6), Middle School Forensics (Year 7-10), Senior Scholars (Year 11-13)
Registrations are now open so go to further details.

Home builders Warkworth
Homebuilder will be running the following free courses:

Chris Pedersen’s Slow Cook Dinners
Friday June 5th - 9.30am - 12.30 am, Warkworth Methodist Church.
Justine Green. Soil building
 Friday 12th June 9.30-12.30. Homebuilders Family Centre 5 Hexhamst.Warkworth
Benefit Entitlements Quentin Jukes
Wednesday June 17th   Wellsford Co-op Church, 253 Rodney St. 12-2.45pm
Justine Green. Crop rotations and garden planning
Friday 19th June 9.30-12.30. Homebuilders Family Centre 5 Hexhamst Warkworth

All courses free of charge, free child-minding is available on request.

To enrol or to receive our course lists call 425 7048 or text 0276226809 oremail us at

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